Quality Indicators

Quality Indicators for Nontraditional Teacher Preparation Programs

The National Quality Indicators for Nontraditional Teacher Preparation Programs, developed with The Ohio State University as part of the Project KNOTtT Transition to Teaching subgrant, are designed to provide a framework to assist programs in conducting self-assessment. The rubrics are designed to guide programs to understand the scope and breadth of non-traditional teacher preparation. It is important to use the Quality Indicators as a formative measure. At this time, the purpose is to provide a tool to assist programs in their development.

The Development and Implementation Process
Literature Review


Rubric for Accountability and Recruitment
Rubric for Accountability and Selection
Rubric for Accountability and Preparation
Rubric for Accountability and Support
Rubric for Design and Recruitment
Rubric for Design and Selection
Rubric for Design and Preparation
Rubric for Design and Support
Rubric for Governance and Recruitment
Rubric for Governance and Selection
Rubric for Governance and Preparation
Rubric for Governance and Support