Teaching Certification by State: NAAC National Database

Welcome to the NAAC national database, providing information on educator certification programs as well as the requirements for licensure/certification in each state. Use the drop-down menu to find the state in which you are interested in becoming certified to teach.  When you enter the state’s page, you will find three pieces of information:

  • basic requirements for licensure to teach in the state,
  • the different pathways with which you can become certified to teach in the state, and
  • a drop down menu of certification areas where you put in the area in which you want to teach and programs in that state appear.

Each is a link to an information sheet about the program with contact information as well as answers to other questions about that particular program.  Use this last area to review multiple programs and pick the one that best fits your needs.  Although states define alternative and traditional programs differently, in this database, alternative programs indicate pay for teaching during at least part of the experiential component.

If you are a program director and have a program to add to a state site, click on the link and download this TEMPLATE, complete it, and send it to info@alternativecertification.org.  States will be added as information for state teaching certification is reviewed by a state rep.  Programs will be added as soon as they are received.

To begin, please select your state: