Research and Reports

Below are links to recent papers that may be of interest to NAAC members and others engaged in alternative certification.

Alicea, M. (2013): To Give and To Receive: Examining Feedback in Three Coaching Dyads From the Perspective of a University Coach and Teach For America Corps Members

Bialka, C.S. and Andrus, S. (2017): Novice Veterans: An Exploration of the Roles Teach for America Teachers Inhabit

Boggan, M., Jayroe, T. & Alexander, B. (2016): Best Practices Article: Hitting the Target with Transition to Teaching in Mississippi’s Poorest School Districts: High Retention Rates through Program Support, Resources, and Strategic Recruitment 

Buchanan, T., Lang, N., & Morin, L. (2013): Perception of Preparedness of Novice Teachers from Alternative and Traditional Licensing Programs

Carr, D. (2013): The Effects of Teacher Preparation Programs on Novice Teachers Regarding Classroom Management, Academic Preparation, Time Management and Self-Efficacy

Evans, B. (2017): Editor’s Perspective Article: Improving Alternative Certification Teachers’ Experiences by Developing “Soft Skills” for the Classroom

Evans, B., Ardito, G. & Kim, S (2017): Editor’s Perspective Article: Mathematics Problem Solving, Literacy, and ELL for Alternative Certification Teachers

Evans, B. (2016): Editor’s Perspective Article: Action Research for Alternative Certification Teachers

Evans, B. (2014): Editor’s Perspective Article: Mathematics and Science Teaching for New Alternative Certification Teachers

Evans, B. (2014): Editor’s Perspective Article: Perspectives on Teaching from Alternative Certification Teachers from Diverse Backgrounds

Evans, B. (2013): Editor’s Perspective Article: Supporting Female Students in Mathematics for Alternative Certification Teachers

Evans, B. (2013): Editor’s Perspective Article: Supporting Students from Underrepresented Groups in Mathematics for Alternative Certification Teachers

Evans, B. (2012): Editor’s Perspective Article: Problem Solving Abilities and Perceptions in Alternative Certification Mathematics Teachers

Evans, B. (2012): Editor’s Perspective Article: Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep: Physiological Considerations in the Classroom for Alternative Certification Teachers

Frank, T. J. (2013): Widgets and Digits: A Study of Novice Middle Sschool Teachers Attending to Mathematics Identity in Practice

Gresko, J. (2013): Supporting First Year Alternatively Certified Urban and Rural Intern Teachers Through a Multicomponent Distance Induction Program

Haj-Broussard, M. & Stringer, A. (2012): Teach Louisiana Consortium: A Fifth Year Program Evaluation

Hogan, K. & Bullock, L. (2012): Alternative Certification: A Comparison of Factors Affecting the Motivations of General and Special Educators

Hung, L., & Smith, C.S. (2012): Common Problems Experienced by First Year Alternatively Certified Teachers: A Qualitative Study


Karge, B. & McCabe, M. (2014): Quality Alternative Certification Programs in Special Education Ensure High Retention

Mallory, B., Zwadyk, B., Johnson, T., & Davis, J. (2017): Selecting Top-of-the-Class Teachers for an Alternative Principal Preparation Program

Maloney, P. & McKenzie-Thompson, K. (2013): “I Want More”: Does a Divide Between Charter and Public School Teachers Cause Different Desires for Certification Programs?

McCarty, W. (2013): Transition to Teaching in Nebraska: Findings from the First Decade

Merrill, K. (2013): Teacher Resilience in High-Poverty Schools: How Do High-Quality Teachers Become Resilient?

Mitchell, D., Karlin, S. & Price, T. (2014): Understanding How Service-Learning Impacts the Dispositions of Teach for America Candidates and Their Students

Morettini, B. (2014): Going Back to School: Why STEM Professionals Decide to Teach Through Alternative Certification Programs

Owings, W., Kaplan, L., Khrabrova, I. & Chappell, S. (2014): Troops to Teachers Grant Study 4: Technical Report

Pankowski, J & Walker, J. (2016): Using Simulation to Support Novice Teachers’ Classroom Management Skills: Comparing Traditional and Alternative Certification Groups

Peters-Burton, E. (2012): Learning Progressions in Instructional Design: Expectations and Practice of Scientists Becoming Teachers in the Preservice and First-Year Settings

Powell, J. (2013): School Library Media Specialists’ Perceptions of Collaboration, Leadership and Technolog

Preach, D. (2013): Supporting and Fostering the Development of Alternatively Certified Teachers: Creating a Collaborative Community

Ricci, L. & Zetlin, A. (2013): Interweaving Teaching and Emotional Support for Novice Special Educators in Alternative Certification Programs

Robertson, H. (2014): Life Satisfaction of Former-Military, Second-Career Changers

Roggeman, P. (2013): Empowering Apprentice Teachers: Tracking Instructional Practices with MyiLOG

TNTP (2013): Leap Year: Assessing and Supporting Effective First-Year Teach